Top 5 CRMs for specialty pharmacy

By molly watson

Specialty Pharmacies has a big market in the pharmaceutical industry and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a way to provide better and more consistent support to the pharmacy business.

Specialty Pharmacies seek better tools to manage operations and engagement. Implementing a cloud-based CRM solution behind the scenes enables pharmacies to focus on innovation and business development.


Features of a CRM for specialty pharmacy include:

·         Integrated customer database

·         Campaign Management

·         Market Communications

·         Management of Customer’s Accounts

·         Cycle Activities Planning &

·         Outside Sales Team Management

Based on the above features,

The top 5 CRM’s for Specialty Pharmacy are:


1)      Kapture

Kapture CRM is a single platform having a combination of user-friendliness and mobile-ready optimization. With this fully customizable CRM, users can expand their pharmacy business exponentially by automating all essential processes seamlessly, including sales, marketing, customer service, distribution and collections. Kapture is a mobile-first CRM that can run from any android device. Kapture CRM is specifically designed to streamline the sales process.

Features include:

·         Ticketing and task management

·         GPS tracking

·         Call centre management

·         Location mapping and time-stamping

·         Omnichannel support

·         Campaign management

·         Unified communication platform

With Kapture, obtain and retain more customers by being updated and emerging with new trends.


2)      Veeva CRM

Veeva CRM is a multichannel CRM system for the pharmacy business. It simplifies complex and time-consuming tasks and enables strong customer interactions. Veeva offers orchestrated multichannel engagement, data-driven suggestions and team-based selling.

Features include:

·         Data Visualization

·         Built-in functionality such as route planning, order management and planograms for inventory management

·         Key Account Management

·         Marketing Automation

·         Territory Alignment

Veeva CRM is the most advanced and only proven life sciences CRM which offers features such as consumer and animal health, closed-loop marketing and commercial cloud.


3)      CRMNEXT

CRMNEXT is a comprehensive solution that helps pharmaceutical companies in managing the relationship with physicians, chemists, hospitals and healthcare societies. The system offers features such as lead management and customer segmentation. It provides a fresh way to stimulate and manage growth which brings out the best practices. It helps users manage all leads from a single platform, enable intelligent lead assignments in pharmaceutical CRM and provide desktop features to field representatives.

Features include:

·         Automated Lead Assignments

·         Context-based coaching tips to the outside sales team

·         Customer Segmentation

·         Detailed customer history management

·         Portfolio data, activity patterns and in-depth analytics

CRMNEXT’s management solution lets large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies benefit from a high-impact pharma CRM since it ensures segmentation on potential growth, in-depth analysis of data and prioritization of database.

4)      StayinFront

StayinFront delivers cost-effective and easy to maintain mobile cloud solutions for pharma companies. StayinFront provides a complete, PDMA-compliant solution that automates the execution, management and monitoring of sales and marketing activities. StayinFront makes it easier for specialty pharmacies to easily manage their territories while enabling supervisors to coach, measure and respond to teams for better results.

Features include:

·         Segmentation and targeting

·         Sample inventory management

·         Call tracking

·         Medical information requests

·         Field coaching and activity reports

·         Expense management integration

With StayinFront, sales and management teams are able to target, formulate and execute business plans with actionable analytics guide and support data-driven decisions.

5)      Creatio

With Creatio pharma are leveraged to increase revenue by empowering their field force with tools for cycle activities planning, marketing, sales and comprehensive analytics. This platform helps to align data, processes and teams enabling to better connect with digital native customers and adapt rapidly. A comprehensive CRM database allows keeping a complete history of all customer interactions in one place. Creation pharma gives you access to all the latest updates and information about results ad visits, dynamic of category change, sales volume and relation between customers.

Features include:

·         Unified customer database

·         Coordinated campaigns and marketing communications

·         Key account management

·         Cycle activities planning

·         Field force management

·         Data-driven decisions and actionable insights

With Creatio pharma build stronger customer relationships and excel in customer engagement.



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