5 Benefits of Using a Pharma CRM

By molly watson

The pharmaceutical industry faces several challenges when it comes to regulatory restrictions, promotional activities, and marketing. Some of the major obstacles pharmaceutical companies inevitably face are marketing audit controls, regulatory reforms, generic competition, and compliance regulation. Pharma CRM offers the pharmaceutical industry the capacity to automate its processes, make better marketing efforts, and improve the efficiency of its sales team.

To shed more light on the effectiveness of using a CRM for Pharma, below are five benefits you can look forward to having:


1. Pharma CRM Automates Processes

Automation of customer relationship management benefits the pharmaceutical industry in many ways. Automated lead assignment facilitates sales representatives to respond to and manage leads faster. The Pharma CRM system allows segmentation of the audience using proper tags. This facilitates sending marketing campaigns and seeing insights into the different marketing campaigns.

Using automatic scheduling of physician visits and sales simplifies executing and planning the sales process. Most Pharma CRM systems intelligently calculate the number of possible visits a rep can expect. This helps schedule and manage the workload better. Automated processes streamline sales processes and maximize the effectiveness of the sales team.

Moreover, using a CRM system for Pharma enables having a unified database of items in the inventory. It provides detailed descriptions, which serve as a good reference point for sales representatives. This feature enables managing and planning sales better. They can track expenses and manage expenses better through integrated expense reporting tools. The sales rep can evaluate sales trends, meet the demand, and preconfigure reports using the CRM dashboard for quicker analysis of sales and the team's marketing efforts.


2. Communication History

Data enrichment or data augmentation allows users to add more information. This enhances the data sets, making it easier to find information. Users get access to all the customer information in one place, along with communication history. Having all this information on a single page allows users to reach out using multiple channels. The Pharma CRM makes pulling information faster and more accurate. The CRM system also provides effective data migration options.


3. Improved Lead Generation and Tracking

The built-in contact library feature makes it easier for providers to find the right potential customers to sell medical products. The information is based on demographic details and ZIP codes.  

The analytic tools allow you to evaluate customer data and pitch the right customers for the right marketing campaigns. A centralized dashboard provides all the necessary information in one place.

Additionally, the CRM provides multiple outreach tools, like SMS, emails, and fax. This allows you to reach out to and communicate with existing and potential clients.

You can organize the contacts based on your preferences, and track the leads according to the different marketing campaigns the sales team plans. Using a CRM system for Pharma improves customer relationships and helps establish stronger relations through better services.


4. Tag-based Segmentation

Using a CRM for Pharma allows you to segment the database intelligently, according to the specifications you require. This makes planning campaigns and leads management seamless, and saves time. Tags enable you to identify specific audiences for specific marketing campaigns.

You can import multiple contacts without hassle. In addition, you can upload the existing database to fetch contacts using the in-build contacts library or add new contacts. Having all the contacts on one platform makes working on marketing campaigns so much easier.

This feature also allows you to create actionable segments using tags based on specific data like company size, location, industry, etc. You can easily sort data based on specific criteria like ZIP codes and states. In addition, you can save the data for later use, and not have to redo the filters each time. This helps save a lot of time. You can also generate reports based on the tags.


5. Multi-channel Marketing

For a multi-channel marketing campaign to succeed, you need a Pharma CRM that is everywhere your audiences exist. Using the CRM system, you can build better relations with healthcare stakeholders to promote your pharmaceutical products. Consistent outreach through emails and SMS creates brand awareness.

You get additional benefits from using a CRM system for multichannel marketing.

First, you get to use a combination of marketing tools to increase brand recall and to improve the position of your pharmaceutical products in the market by placing them right in front of healthcare providers and practitioners.

Secondly, the CRM for Pharma empowers the sales reps through better communication. Physicians often prefer having custom means of receiving medical information. The sales team can use the information available for better relations with physicians.

Thirdly, you get a clear report on analytics and results from different campaigns. You see numbers of clicks and opens rate in various marketing campaigns. This allows you to optimize them to make them work better.

Lastly, the CRM for Pharma allows proper targeting and segmenting of contacts, which enables you to get more engagement on marketing campaigns and higher conversion rates. This leads to a higher return on investments.

To conclude, using a Pharma CRM aligns the departments and provides deeper insights into the data patterns. It streamlines the sales process and makes it easier to achieve marketing goals for your organization. You can always get in touch with us for more information.



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