Multi-Channel Marketing

Reach customers using a combination of communication channels.

With Salesdoor effective marketing feature reap the benefits of multiple channels to acquire leads.

Email Marketing

With Salesdoor email marketing tool, easily design and send emails that audience clicks.

Our FREE version allows you to send up to
2500 Emails.

Send the right emails to the right audience

Why would you open an email that doesn’t help you in any way?
Remember, your entire audience has a different connection with you, and it’s important for you to create content according to their needs. Will Salesdoor Email Marketing feature, send content to the specific audience instead of sending one email to your entire list. Easily segregate your audience into particular tag and pitch them with emails they want to read.

Segmented campaigns perform better:


Higher Open Rate


Increase In Revenue


Higher Clicks

Creative Editor

Create beautiful and mobile-responsive designs!

You don’t need to be a design expert to create an aesthetically beautiful email. Salesdoor provides you with a creative editor tool to effortlessly design beautiful campaigns. Not only this, you can choose one of our templates to showcase your product and service.

With Salesdoor design appealing emails that reach your audience, regardless of what screen they’re using. Make your email worth investing time of the audience by sending beautifully designed emails. Bring creativity to audience’s inboxes.

Personalized Emails

People love attention.

Did you know personalized emails are 27% more likely to get opened! Adding the recipient’s first name into the email puts a great impact in inbox. With truly personalized content, customer feels as if you’re speaking directly to them, hence increased boost in trust, authority, and sales. Salesdoor Email marketing allows you to, personalize the email with recipient’s first name, last name etc.

Increase chance of your email to be opened and clicked.

Test Your Emails

Suppose you receive an email having a grammar mistake in content or with the wrong/broken URL to the product. Pretty sure, you would doubt the competence of the company. Once a campaign is sent, there is no undo button. Humans make errors. But having the right tool can help you prevent those errors. Through Salesdoor Email preview and test email option, know beforehand how content will look like in your recipient’s inboxes and rectify mistakes.

A simple feature yet so helpful.

Track Your Results

You would definitely want to measure success of an Email campaign. With Salesdoor, track everything from who opened and clicked your campaigns and which links they clicked on.

Salesdoor helps you gauge the efficiency of your email campaigns.

SMS Marketing

Incorporate SMS messaging into multichannel marketing.

Salesdoor SMS marketing serves as a perfect tool to deliver secure, cost effective and timely information to larger audience.

With Salesdoor, easily become a mobile marketer and reach out directly to your audience.

  • Send personalized SMS
  • Campaigns
  • Thank you messages and much more

Take charge of your text message marketing directly from Salesdoor CRM solution.

Did you know 75% of adults in the US own a smartphone.

Fax Marketing

Old is gold!

Fax marketing leads towards 10% response rate.

Create, send, and manage your fax campaigns through Salesdoor.

With Salesoor fax marketing technology help your business to maximize ROI from bulk fax marketing campaigns.

  • Reach thousands of fax machines in minutes.
  • Share confidential data.
  • Least-expensive direct marketing method.
  • Beat your competition through targeted mass faxing.

Easily connect with your clients, send sensitive documents, special promotions through fax marketing.