Frequently Asked Questions

You just need to sign-up for our free account on and start using it seamlessly.
To start using Salesdoor, you only need basic information of your organization like name, contact person, email, phone number and number of people working in your organization.
Salesdoor is a cloud based system, you just need to provide your organization’s details to set it up. The process of setting up your account only takes few minutes.
There are no limitations as far as features are concerned. However, on usage there is a limit of up to 3 users, 5000 emails/month, 200 Faxes/month and 200 SMS/month.
Yes, Salesdoor provides you with library of more than 800,000 providers and practices across United States. You can simply import them using different filters such as NPI, Taxonomy, zipcode etc.
Yes, all of your data is protected with Salesdoor. We use state of the art compression and security mechanism to protect your data.
No. You don't need to buy any onboarding service; its Starting Up Package is free for life. System is simple to use and with a help of comprehensive help desk feature, you can self-learn the system in a day or so. However, if you need additional training of your employees, it will be billed separately.
Yes, Salesdoor can integrate with Pharmacy Information System for Rx/Sales data sharing. You can see all insights to your sales and performance of sales teams at an integrated dashboard on Salesdoor.
Salesdoor is currently integrated with IPS system. However, customized integrations can be handled on demand. Additionally, you can import your sales and contacts data using Salesdoor's built in file management system.
Yes, Salesdoor provides you with a simple to use interface to import all your existing contacts to the system using excel sheets. System can also automatically associate practices and providers on matching phone numbers.
Yes, Salesdoor’s iOS mobile app empowers outdoor sales reps with tools to automate their daily routine on the go. To see more details of Salesdoor app visit
Yes, you can track all the activities of your sales team using geo-tagging and check-ins. You can view activities on the integrated dashboard.
For free account you can send upto 5000 emails/month for free. Once your account is upgraded, you will be charged $0.02 per email. Bill will generate at the end of the month.
Use our online support feature and send your query to our representative. Our representative will contact you and answer all your queries promptly. You can call sales at (877) 215 1720.