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Salesdoor is a Unique Customer Relationship Management Solution specifically designed for specialty pharmacy, pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry. Having vast practical experience in specialty pharmacy services we exactly know your needs. You need a system that can adopt your unique workflows seamlessly and don’t require complex configurations to get started.

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Streamline your sales process and increase efficiency

Improved Customer Relations

Stay connected to your clients with Salesdoor. Manage all communication and marketing using all in one platform.

Increased revenues

Built in contacts library enables you to reach out to more potential clients and grow rapidly.

Nurture leads

Salesdoor’s state of the art lead tracking allows you to grow, target and retarget your leads at every stage of your sales funnel.

Better communication

With Salesdoor, you don’t need any other tool for project management, sales, marketing or internal team performance tracking.

A Solution for Specialty Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals and DME’s

Unlimited Benefits of selecting a right specialty CRM

Made for you

Salesdoor is specifically designed and build for companies who need to engage physicians and medical staff to sell products and services.

Easy access to lead generation

Lead generation was never easier than this. We have library of hundreds of thousands of practices and providers. Filter leads based on NPI, specialty, ZIP or area.

Integrated Outreach Tools

Staying connected to your clients is as important as getting new clients. Salesdoor is the key to a stronger relationship with your new and existing clients.

Organize your Sales Activities

Never miss a lead or sales. Always stay ahead of your schedule. With built in calendar for event scheduling, all your appointments and notes are easily managed at one screen.

Lead from the front

Salesdoor mobile app tracks all activities of outside sales rep’s, including realtime geo tracking, expenses, check-ins and they can also assign expenses to leads through app.

Cost saving

Improve business process through faster access to information, which will lead to better and informed decision making.

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Why Use Salesdoor?

Ultimate Choice for your unique sales process

Unique Feature Set

A unique feature set is specifically designed for healthcare and specialty pharmacy customer relationship management.

Ready to Use, No Customization Needed

You don't need to spend time on complex configurations. It adapts your unique workflows seamlessly.

Simple & Efficient

Simple, clean and intuitive interface makes it easy for you to start using the application from the day one.

All in One, Inside/Outside Sales & Marketing

Provides all in one powerful tools for role based functional hierarchy including inside/outside sales and marketing.

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This is Salesdoor

Salesdoor Healthcare customer relationship management

provides you with particular qualities that are specifically designed according to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Salesdoor offers a vertical CRM solution that enables your pharmaceutical company to automate industry-specific business processes and improve customer experience. Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare industry and specialty pharmacies can automate processes and increase revenues by empowering their sales rep with the perfect CRM tools and techniques for cycle activities planning, marketing, sales and comprehensive analytics.

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