Our Features

Salesdoor automates your everyday sales processes & frees you to sell.

It gets clutter off your manual file management, digging into email boxes and looking through your phone’s contact list out of your life and lets you focus on the real work.

  • Dashboard
  • Contacts library
  • Contacts management
  • Leads Management
  • Rx Integration
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Calendar management
  • Workflows & approvals
  • Outreach with email, fax & SMS
  • Marketing templates & presentations
  • Campaign management
  • Email Tracking
  • Territory management
  • User management & access control

Contacts Management

Organize customer data in a centralized location on Salesdoor cloud. Easily manage contact details, demographics, Rx received by a contact and all outreach communication at one place. You can easily monitor how much revenue has a single contact generated through any period of time. Stay connected to all your contacts and never worry about losing any potential client

Calendar Management & Event Scheduling

Salesdoor provides you with smart calendar with features and tools that makes planning for your teams and sales reps as easy as breeze. There are multiple views for short/long term event planning. Also sales reps can create events with drag and drop subjects and handy notes, and link those events to contacts. The event scheduling is so flexible that it gives you a number of options for repetitive events. Also supervisors can assign events to their teams and teams can create their own events.

Salesdoor Exclusive Features

Salesdoor's rich features set provides all functionality you can imagine of a healthcare CRM. You can import most qualified leads using our contacts library of more than 800,000 doctors, manage your contacts based on territory and assignment. You can outreach to potential and existing clients via email, fax and SMS using our outreach features and also manage your marketing campaigns within your CRM. Easy workflow management, approvals and sales funnel makes your operations smooth and efficient.

Integration with Pharmacy System

for RX Feeds

Live geo tracking

Salesdoor empowers you to lead from the front by giving you live feed of geo location of all your outdoor sales reps.

Expenses management

How many times did you misplaced that lunch receipt for client and worried how would you manage reimbursement? Gone are the days when you had to submit your expense receipts to accounts and wait for expense reimbursements.


Salesdoor mobile app keeps your sales team on their toes by providing them with a comprehensive dashboard of their sales and contacts.

Daily activity check-ins

Check-in feature of Salesdoor mobile app lets sales reps create geo tagged check-ins for their visits to practices, hotels, gas stations or any other type of place they visit, which are then coupled with CRM practices and providers.