Why Salesdoor?

What is Salesdoor?

Salesdoor is a New York based software and services company specialized in customer relationship management system, founded with a vision to help healthcare companies to connect, communicate and sell their products and services.

We have infused decades of experience into world’s number one CRM solution.


Web application provides a platform for Inside sales rep to work with clients to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process. Sales reps work to find new sales leads, through Organization and provider contact library and client referrals being in the office


Mobile app is your virtual office, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have your laptop. You have access to your daily schedules, events and activities being performed throughout the day. A supervisor can track physical location of all outside sales reps on a single dashboard.

Why Salesdoor is important for me?

At Salesdoor, we live and breathe helping pharmacy services. Salesdoor’s goal is to provide healthcare companies with a specialised cloud based customer relationship management. You don’t need to pay heavy license and customisation fees to complex CRMs and invest in training your staff to learn those complicated features and still wonder why is it not working for you. Salesdoor is specifically designed for Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, specialty pharmacy and EMR companies.

The features are tailor made to meet the requirements and needs of any healthcare setup, no complexities no trainings, just plug and play.

NPI based

Specialty pharmacy and pharmaceuticals works with healthcare providers and Organizations which are uniquely identified by NPI, Salesdoor’s features revolves around that NPI so that you don’t have to manage any other unique identifiers and your sales teams could easily understand the contacts in the system and operate conveniently.

Outdoor sales
agent tracking

Most companies struggle with the efficiency and expense management of outdoor sales reps. Salesdoor provides most innovative solution to manage and supervise all outdoor sales reps activities at a single dashboard. You can monitor their live geo location at all the times, see what expenses are being made with receipts and monitor what places are they visiting just sitting in your office with simple convenient dashboard.



If you using a pharmacy information system to track incoming Rx orders or a pharmaceutical inventory management system, Salesdoor integrates seamlessly to get Rx data on a schedule time and provides data mining reports on various sales attributes. System also provides manual import of Rx data using custom build data templates.