What is a Pharma CRM?

Pharma CRM solution is a combination of tools and features that help pharma and pharmaceutical businesses to acquire, build and retain long term healthy customer relationships.

A solution to your Pharma business.

  • Cloud based customer relationship management
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Data integration
  • Mobile App for outside sales team

Why Choose Salesdoor Pharma CRM?

It’s very important for your pharmacy business to consider a CRM for outside and inside sales and marketing operations in order to accelerate revenues and business efficiency. Therefore, a Pharma CRM solution plays a great role helping you gain higher profits by reaching out the right customers to sell your drugs and medical products.

Seamlessly track your leads using Salesdoor.

Moreover, effectively manage marketing campaigns to promote new drugs and promotions while having complete insights on your campaigns. Not only this, our Pharma customer relationship management software makes it possible for you to create Rx data feeds by integrating your existing pharmacy information systems with Salesdoor. You can track prescriptions, Rx orders and sales data within Salesdoor CRM. Through mobile app manage & improve the outside sales team events and activities. Having the advantage of an intelligent mobile application remotely plan, monitor, and manage the activities being performed by your outside sales representatives.

Our cloud based CRM solution is a mixture of customer data, lead generation, integration and multichannel marketing tools to enable a fully coordinated, personalized customer experience. Salesdoor Pharma CRM software provides analytical and strategic tools needed for pharma business to identify and engage with practices and providers using relevant source. By empowering sales representatives with all the information they need, they can build deeper customer relationships and improve outcomes.

Top 6 features of Salesdoor Pharma CRM software

Here are some of the features Salesdoor helps you manage your pharmaceutical business.


Salesdoor Pharma CRM platform contains all the customer information along with the communication history on a single page while allowing you to reach out through multiple channels.


CRM software provides multiple outreach tools including Email, SMS and Fax to engage and communicate with potential and existing clients.


Through built-in contact library of over 800,000+ practices and providers find the right contacts for your pharma business to sell drugs and medical products. This large contact library also provides you with useful information about potential customers, including their contact information, ZIP code and demographic details.


Organize you audience by segmenting the entire database using proper tags. Send marketing campaigns from Pharma CRM solution; dig into post campaign results to and get insights of the campaigns.


With mobile app improve the process of handling outside sales team events and activities. Check-in feature of Salesdoor mobile app allows field sales representatives create geo tagged check-ins for their visits to practices, gas stations or any other type of place they visit. Application is available on play store and apple store.


Pharma CRM solution makes it possible to create Rx data feeds by seamlessly integrating with various pharmacy and laboratory information systems. Moreover, CRM system provides complete data migration services and pulls previous data along with complete information of existing accounts.

Try Salesdoor for sales, marketing and Rx integration

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How to choose the best Pharma CRM solution?

Exceptional customer service is a necessity nowadays. Those days are gone when businesses worked manually and a delay to customer care was not a priority.

Pharmaceutical industry requires rather complex technological process in order to maintain a healthy customer relationship and streamline marketing and management of their pharmaceutical businesses.

Pharmaceutical companies not only aim to develop and produce medical equipment’s and pharmaceutical drugs but also to market them.

To survive in a competitive environment and to be more efficient a Pharma CRM should have the following key functionalities:

Operational Management

A system that is able to manage and organize sales and marketing processes, gather customer data such as practice and provider details including emails, phone numbers, address etc., communication history and multiple ways to outreach.

Analytical Tools

Pharma CRM should be able to analyze customer data that can help pitch the right customer for the right campaign and also provide useful information on dashboards.

Collaborative Features

A CRM solution should contain tools that help company to gather and distribute information and tasks across the team, such as documentation, presentation, events & tasks creation, etc.

Sales Tools

Outside sales reps require a CRM and sales productivity tools. Therefore, an effective outside sales software solution should have the ability to support territory management, access to all the client and product information and geo tag location.

Campaign Management

A combination of channels to outreach providers and practices such as Email & SMS. Not only this, CRM solution should also include feature to segment the database by using tags so pharma business can send specific campaigns to audience according to their interests.

Data Integration

By using an integrated system marketing, sales and operational functions become easier for sales team to work together and share important information.

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Salesdoor - Made For You - The Compete Pharma Solution

Salesdoor is a powerful Pharma CRM system to manage pharmaceutical business operations, sales, marketing and can assist your pharma business in dealing with field sales challenges.

Our CRM software solution can significantly reduce operating costs and accelerate your sales team efficiency in the field through mobile app. Moreover, within our Pharma CRM software that is specifically designed for your pharmaceutical business needs; you can exchange information across the team, thus resulting in better communications.