Data Integration

Enjoy the power of a single data location.

Switching between different systems in order to view data of multiple pharmacy or laboratory locations can make it harder to make decisions and is a time consuming process too.

Rx Integration - Helping your pharmacy business grow seamlessly.

Benefits of data integration

Easily manage your contacts and share information across the team

Rx & LIS Integration

Salesdoor CRM seamlessly integrates with various pharmacy and laboratory information systems utilizing state of the art technologies. We make sure that your data is transmitted securely and instantly.

Data consolidation

Salesoor combines data from multiple systems and stores it in the CRM platform. By providing a single data location eliminates the need to deal with multiple systems and providing maximum value from the available data from a single data source.

Data Mining & Reports

Salesdoor provides various reports to show how your accounts are progressing or regressing over a certain period. You can monitor performance over time and sales team by comparing activities vs revenue. This helps sales team prioritize their development tactics based on opportunity stage.

Data Migration

During the integration process, Salesdoor CRM system provides complete data migration services and pulls in historical data along with complete information of existing accounts.


Lab Reports and Rx dashboard provides revenue metrics on one unified view including sales rep's contribution, lead source revenue attribution, revenue flow over time and revenue by account. You can have complete insights of your accounts.