Customer Relationship Management

Never let your customers leave you

Ultimate healthcare CRM platform with all the tools you need to grow your business.

Adopt hassle free process and focus on the real work.

  • Organize your contacts
  • Track your leads
  • Establish strong and long term customer relationships
  • 24/7 Customer support

Contact Management

Easily manage your contacts and share information across the team

Single Page Management

Get a holistic view of every communication you had with your leads.

  • Easily manage contact details, demographics, Rx/lab orders received at one place.
  • Monitor how much revenue has a single contact generated in a certain period of time.
  • Interaction with each contact is updated in real time allowing users to see.

Tag-Based Segmentation

Segmenting your customers in an intelligent way that caters according to their required specifications.

  • Create actionable segments with tags based on specific elements such as industry, location, company size etc.
  • With the help of tags identify specific audience for a marketing campaign, follow ups etc.
  • Generate reports based on tagged attributes.

Multiple Contact Import Options

Save time and enjoy the benefits of a single contacts list platform.

  • No more worries of having your entire contacts database scattered in different places, have your entire database in one place.
  • Upload your existing database, fetch contacts from our built-in contacts library or add a single contact.
  • Save your time and enjoy the benefits of a single contacts list platform. Yes, it’s that simple.

Outreach with email, fax & SMS

Providing you with not just one way to reach out to leads.

  • Multiple ways to reach out to leads.
  • From a single place easily outreach your customers through email, fax or SMS.

Built-in Contacts Library

Having the right database can save you lots of time and money.

Salesdoor’s built-in contacts library is the most innovative and efficient feature a healthcare company could ever imagine. We provide you with contact and demographic information of more than 800,000 providers and practices across the nation.

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Integrate your location-based data into Salesdoor CRM System.

Salesdoor healthcare CRM seamlessly integrate with information systems including but not limited to Pharmacy System, Laboratory Information System, Billing System, then, Salesdoor automatically pulls data on scheduled intervals and gives you the ability to track revenue by prescription or medication orders, pharmaceutical inventory items, and sales team performance by revenue vs activity.

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Multiple Email

Seamlessly sync your account with multiple email accounts.

Salesdoor provides its users with two main email sources, gmail and other. Configure any mailbox by using IMAP and SMTP server settings.

Keep track of your communications with leads and teams.

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With Salesdoor dashboard have a unified view that provides...

users with quick access to information such as statistics of practices and doctors. Salesdoor dashboard gives comprehensive details for daily tasks, catching up and upcoming events.

Stay on top of everything and never miss an event.

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Territory Management

Managing large outside sales team without appropriate tools is a big challenge. With Salesdoor CRM, easily assign territories to supervisors against specialties and ZIP code and sell better.

  • View revenue generated by teams classified based on supervisors against different territories.
  • Organize and assign sales rep to supervisors efficiently

Comprehensive Reports

Have maximum insight into your results with graphical metrics and customized reporting. Salesdoor reports provide you with all that data, easily accessible and allow you to run a more efficient business and make the best decisions to improve customer relationships.

  • Expense report
  • Activity details
  • Campaign results
  • Sales team performance and much more

Calendar Management

With Salesdoor built-in calendar easily schedule new tasks and events and schedule reminders.

Moreover, identify a task’s priority to make sure your team stays on the same page and knows the significance of each task and event. Not only this, you can easily export calendar from Salesdoor and further import it into google calendar.