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Things pharmacy owner should consider before choosing CRM

By molly watson

CRM is a simple sufficient conception that focuses on managing customer relationships. However, every business has its own way to interact with customers. Building and maintaining profitable customer relationships is the most important thing to...

Top 5 CRMs for specialty pharmacy

By molly watson

Specialty Pharmacies has a big market in pharmaceutical industry and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a way to provide better and more consistent support to pharmacy business.

Specialty Pharmacies seek better tools to manage operations...

Why older people are more at risk from corona virus

By molly watson

The mortality rate for people over 80 from COVID-19 is around 15% according to data from China.

Both physical and social reasons become the reason of older people being at more risk to COVID-19. Since older people don't have a strong immune...

How lock down has unleashed depression

By molly watson

In the past three months, the world has changed radically. Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a terribly large number of human lives gone. Many countries around the globe have implemented lockdown and social distancing techniques to stop the...


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